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About Bloom Injury Law

Bloom Injury Law is a leading California legal firm specializing in personal injury and employment discrimination litigation. Our founder, Mark Bloom, is a distinguished litigator who has secured multiple multi-million dollar settlements.

Why Choose Bloom Injury Law?

We are fierce advocates for our clients. Mark Bloom chose to become a personal injury attorney after his own family was victimized by deadly negligence. Mark’s mother, who was born and raised in Mexico, lost both of her parents to preventable, wrongful deaths caused by the negligence of others. She and her three sisters grew up without parents for most of their lives. Losing his grandparents steeled Mark’s resolve to become a personal injury litigator, to help ensure that corporations, governments and all negligent parties are held accountable for their actions.

Few firms can match our experience. In addition to litigating complex, high-level personal injury cases, Mark Bloom is an expert in Sports Law and Contractual Law. Mark is a Certified Contract Advisor with the NFL Players Association and has helped its members receive injury settlements in the eight figures.

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