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Owning an enterprise is a cherished dream for many Californians — a state with more than three million small business owners. Yet whether you own a sole proprietorship or a successful chain of franchises, the ability to run your business unencumbered and within the law is essential for your livelihood — and the jobs of those who depend on you.

Unfortunately, businesses aren’t always allowed to operate unencumbered. The COVID-19 pandemic, natural disasters and other events have forced businesses to cease operations.

Many businesses carry insurance specifically to cover any losses resulting from a period of interruption. However, insurers are sometimes slow to pay — or don’t pay at all.

In such cases, the help of an experienced attorney can help business owners maintain their rights and earn their rightful compensation.

When to Speak to an Attorney if Your Business is Closed

Certain events may require a business to be temporarily shuttered, especially if there is a perceived threat to the health of the public or the employees of that business. However, officials who have the power to regulate and enforce the opening and closing of businesses may sometimes overstep their authority or close a business in error. In such cases, an attorney can help ensure that a business owner’s rights are protected.

Additionally, insurance companies may sometimes deny claims for business interruption coverage. An insurer may claim that the reason for the closure was excluded from the coverage, or cite some other reason for non-payment of claims. In such cases, an attorney experienced in business interruption issues can help resolve the problem.

The first step in the process is finding a law firm that specializes in this form of litigation.

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